Without A Home

I share no heart along mine
Nor do I embrace the warmth of the sun
I repeat the same words over again, I’m fine
But something within clenches and twists till it has won
I have entered the fray and lost
And yet again I was taught how to bleed
I laid there until I was found by rust
For agony was hungry and needed to feed
I await my welcome from my lost home
But it appears all the doors are locked
Thus I gathered the broken pieces and roamed
For I have collapsed at their doors as I knocked
But I was mistaken, for they were never the one
Disappointment devours me and to blackness I fell
All their words were nothing but for fun
They failed to remember me when there wasn’t anyone to call
I washed myself in this filthy puddle
For I fear that I’ll soon will wither
Why did they hide? Am I this much of a burden? Of a trouble?
I have no home nor clean water so I sink into the running river

My Sun

A land that has forgotten the flames of the sun
For the blizzard left nothing clean
But beneath the burdened snow
There is thee, for in thy arms I’ll find the sun

Creations of the heart

Pride held me so loosely
Humble stroke my face gently
Who am I to declare that my value weighs more than yours?
We dig deep into our colorful hearts
Using a brush to paint emotional art
Who am I to declare that my value weighs more than yours?
To create a reflection of our emotion
Of beautiful thoughts left unspoken
Who am I to declare that my value weighs more than yours?
Creations drawn from our hearts
In sharing them, lies beauty and courage

Treacherous Spider

Photo taken by ©2014-2017 FlexDreams
My lips are glued together
A smile I attempt
But a frown is all I could get
Broke your heart
Like a clever spider
I got you tangled in my web
Ripped you apart
Deep inside
Apologizes were made
Forgiveness I received
Yet my venomous mind
Won’t leave me at peace

Silent hopes

In the land where our hearts have met
The wind was cruel and the sun has set
Silent hopes buried within
Come, my dear, let’s chase the steps that’ll lead us to the house ahead
There we will confess of crimes that were left unsaid
Come, my dear before the sunset
For that’s when our love will find its death
Silent hopes buried within
Glares that scream of mistaken sins
If I could pour our love in this well
It’ll overflow and the crowd will tell
So hold me tight before the night
Before they take the lover’s sight
Silent hopes buried within
Petals of roses dance in the air
In ignorance, they spoke, throwing flares
They emptied the well and gathered the ropes
But in our hearts remains the silent hopes

In our hearts remains the silent hopes

Come, my dear, let’s chase the steps that’ll lead us to the house ahead
Our silent hopes will swell within each step

The Man That Died

In this delightful land you treated me like a queen
Told me I was the most fairest your eyes have ever seen
Played to me the future in a wide screen
But destruction devoured all that held beauty and nothing was

As wariness spreads in my veins
And anxiety falls to my skin like rain
And chaos is running after me like a speeding train
I try to hold it all in but my lap is filled with the stain

Thoughts of you consume my mind
But there is no gentle memory that I can find
My hands start to shake as I signed
I was still trying to be that girl that was blind

But enough is enough my wicked devil
You’re wickedness has reached another level
I thought we created something beautiful, something special
But it’s the monsters on your shoulders that won the medal

“He must still be there” my heart cries
But when I look at him he isn’t the man that broke the ties
That stood by me when our problems were above our size
I guess he was just another box of lies

My dear I don’t believe that I’m a victim
I did embrace our love, our own magnificent rhythm
But you become a foul king that poisoned his kingdom
But that just taught me compassion and wisdom

I deserve to be loved by a man who puts his anger aside
I deserve to be loved by a man who locks away his pride
I deserve to be loved by a man who always makes me feel like a bride
But that man is no longer you, so I grieve for that man who died

Answers From The Night

I strode on a journey to seek answers from the night
Is the fire of the stars a sign of hurt?
Or their glow is a sign of their living spirit?
For I wonder if my soul burns of pain or shines of life

The Failure

Chasing the clouds for it may lead me to the sun
I’m titled as a failure for darkness has won
Snatched and thrown in the metal cage
Cold bars that mock my name
A frozen world that knows no warmth
A ghost of a warrior that I mourn
Lost and blinded by the dust of the desert
I’m starting to give up on that treasure
A buried hope somewhere in this land
A failure I am since I faced the demons and ran
Can life present me with happy potions?
For I am tired of feeling all these broken emotions
I shall rip a hole in this dark world
I’ll collect the broken pieces for it shall be hurled
I’ll dig out the hope from the ground
Then this failure will be crowned

Farewell My Land

The sea broke its words at shore
For it couldn’t let go of the land
Your address Id run to,
But I can’t witness your smile
For then I’ll be the sea that holds the land
Forgive my cowardliness for I am at fault
But this heart can’t bare more cracks
I whisper a goodbye from far
As I travel the waters of this earth
With thoughts of my beloved land, my love


Acquaintance, this land and I were
To fall in love with it, I have failed
For its cold lingers for far too long
But on an early November night
Scenes of thee, my thoughts ran
Whelmed with joy, my realization was
In a sweet, loving home, I was wrapped
To thee, I softly whisper words of love
I no longer mind the cold in this land
A home that’ll keep me warm, I’ve found in thee

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