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Apologies to Myself


Photo taken by ©2012-2017 MariannaInsomnia

Perhaps I should apologize
It was easier to let you drown and sink than to save you
Easier to despise you than to learn to love you
Easier to blame you than to fix you…
I was an anxious coward, afraid to bloom into a flower
Hopes and dreams devoured, I was eager for that last hour
I never kissed you to sleep or sang you lullabies
I only fed you nightmares and left you traumatized
Tore the confidence you wore, so you stood vulnerable and defenseless
Rather than holding you as you rest, I brought you to madness
Perhaps I should apologize…
But can you look at me without turning away?
Will you love me despite being the devil in your play?
Can you forgive me for burning your colors and leaving you with ash and shadows?
Perhaps I should apologize…..
But can you trust me when I tell you I’ll learn to love you?
I’ll fix the bones I broke, bring back the flesh I tore, and I’ll stitch the skin I left open for pain to reach
I’ll accept you with all your flaws and stars
And when you are in need of saving I’ll be there, armor and sword ready for the battle
I will learn to love you once again


Fallen Angel

Another night spreads through our sky
I can hear you in your sleep asking why?
When I ask if you’re okay you deny
For I have seen the scars on your thigh
You have lived life in mourning
For all the lovers that have shift
Your mind was lost in a mist
Surrounded by snakes that hissed
An angel was torn from her wings and fell
Deprived of light she hid in her shell
Waiting for hope and joy to swell
For she aims for her torment to quell
I am here and I will sew back your wings
Everyone will be amazed even the Kings
This journey will get easier after it stings
I will be here even after you sing
A fallen angel was introduced to the dark
It tried to reach her soul and leave a mark
But she fought and protected her heart
She’s a strong angel for beauty consumes her every part

The Failure

Chasing the clouds for it may lead me to the sun
I’m titled as a failure for darkness has won
Snatched and thrown in the metal cage
Cold bars that mock my name
A frozen world that knows no warmth
A ghost of a warrior that I mourn
Lost and blinded by the dust of the desert
I’m starting to give up on that treasure
A buried hope somewhere in this land
A failure I am since I faced the demons and ran
Can life present me with happy potions?
For I am tired of feeling all these broken emotions
I shall rip a hole in this dark world
I’ll collect the broken pieces for it shall be hurled
I’ll dig out the hope from the ground
Then this failure will be crowned

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