Month: May 2017

To Love Without Being a Burden?



Photo taken by ©2015-2017 JeisonRodriguez

To be a burden on one’s heart is a frightening thought
A smothering lover, or a slaughtering cancer
Which one am I to you? Or am I both?
Should I tie my heart and slice my tongue?
Would it make it easier for you not to run?
Yet at times I untie this pounding heart
And stitch back this screeching tongue
For the purpose of knowing what it takes for you to admit
I am a burden…



The Unfortunate Winter


Photo taken by ©2010-2017 iNeedChemicalX

“Smile” they said, so eagerly and oblivious of the reason for the sullen face
But as my muscles attempt to contract, my eyes will not follow the lie
Time runs and hopes are lost as I wait for the highs
I’m mistaken for the valley of the devil welcomes me with grace

It’s ironic how my steps always lead me to the cold winter
I applaud this heart for it fought the terror that came with the season
But as I clutch to it with both hands It wasn’t enough to keep it warm
And so the lights dimmed and loneliness found its way within

I was a fool for I had been stabbed and shot, all for my ignorant companions
The icy wind roars for I waited for them to save me as I bled
Crystals formed in my heart for whom are dear to me have fled
Now I walk with a lost mind and a frozen heart both victims of my own actions


Conflicts Of The Soul


Photo taken by ©2012-2017 iNeedChemicalX

The pure hearted I was told I am
But look closely and you’ll see a scam

There is a white chalk line in my mind
Like the oceans that have’nt intertwined

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along

The trail of steps I left, some were bright and some were dead
Can an angel have ripped wings and a red halo above their head?

I was created to love not to hurt
To clean their hearts from the dirt

But all I do is tame my ghoul and take the blame
It wasn’t me, or maybe it was. It’s all the same

Can a soul be split in two?
Or is it all me all along

Is it all me all along?


I am Not My Skeletons


Photo taken by ©2013-2017 LostOneself

If I unfolded the dusty box
Will my face have a darker shade?
If I admitted for the sins committed
Can you still smile when you call my name?
I have changed, I have changed
I’ll beg and plead just look at me the same


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