The Depth of Love



Photo taken by ©2015-2017 Khomenko

Pen in hand, only darkness flow
Years and years were spent in snow
In one night, I said hello to a gorgeous man
Never thought you’d be part of my plan
You built an armor through crooked metal
Your heart id reach, but I must learn to wrestle
My heart was at ease when you were near
My laugh, a sound I’ve grown to hear
An ache, a longing, a wave of yearning
This pen in my hand, of love, it’s learning
Snow is melting for I have found the sun
Time to face you and your armor, I won’t run
I have yet reached the ground as the days flew
For I’m still falling into the depth of love with you
Our hearts are bare, our pulse quickens
On your heart, my strings tangles and thickens
If harm was an arrow and you were its aim
My heart id tear to shield you from the pain
After all these years, who would’ve known
I’d be loved by him and can call him my own

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