Month: March 2017

The Consequences of Love

I waved to my fears a goodbye as I entered the sailing boat
Never thought it would sink and the water would dance in my throat


Sweet Serenity


Photo by ©2012-2017 Khomenko

In feverish nights
In ticklish fights
Where the strength of a warrior is sniffed out
In a doubtful life
In a faithful knife
Where the sanity of a girl is dimmed down

An angelic voice it was at first
Mixed with a flavor of sweetness and humor
It gradually shuts the demon’s thirst
A drug or a cure, he could be for her tumor

The sweet voice planted its seed
In a mind that was taught to bleed
It bloomed into hope, joy and shelter
Things he gave her in the shape of a sweater

When the feverish nights arrive
When the ticklish fights thrive
When her life shivers in doubt
When the knife demands to shout
That’s when she picks up the sweater
Sending out a prayer and gratitude for her shelter



Unforgettable Lessons


Photo taken by ©2014-2017 FlexDreams

Sorrow the hungry beast
Roars and seeks to feast
My weary flesh reeks of fear
Demons that yell and cheer
A rusty leg that’s been swallowed
An escape I attempt but it followed
As it chewed on my brittle bones
It dismissed all my loud groans
It left once it was stuffed and pleased
Kept me alive but shredded and diseased
Thus I lay petrified along my torn pieces
In my mind I carve the lessons sorrow teaches


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