The Stone With No Name

I can smell the stench of your rotting mouth
I said you’re wrong, you’re sanity went out
A noise mixed with filth that reached the clouds
I’ll show you my frozen heart as you continue with your shouts

May life smother you with its flaws
Take a good look at your claws
Blood stained from the beauty that you touched
A disguised angel you so hardly clutched
But you’re but an actor with sinful scissors
That try to cut and rip the strong figures
No it’s not a victim, it’s the criminal’s reflection
May you weep for the poor souls you showed no affection

You’re the black hole that devoured the stars
Replaced them in the universe with scars
Earth doesn’t need to be tortured with your pain
Go dig your hole with a stone with no name
Your game will come to an end
As you look behind you, there won’t find a friend

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