Month: February 2016

The Well of Desire

To fold my eyes, the crowed wrestles
But it is through my heart, my sight lies
The drops of joy I seek to fill the vessel
By the scorch of the sun it fades and dies
The emptiness of the well is deafening
Mellow sounds, I ache to pour and hear
I soak my heart in the water strengthening
For the drumming within my ribs would cheer
On the wall of foolish writers, my name is found
Through the well of desire my ink was derived
Within the dead air comes a swaying sweet sound
And thus the flickering light beneath my cage thrived
A thousand smiles, creations of the cordial joker
His value can’t be bought by lies and fiction
A foolish boy they accuse, while he wears a heart of a soldier
Observe my smile and drink from my well for they hold conviction
To my veins, the well is poison thus they fold my eyes
Yet the drumming within won’t seize to stop
The sun isn’t strong enough for the well to fade and die
Thus, I wait for the provider to claim his every drop

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