Hello Hello My Dear

Hello, hello, don’t you worry, I’ll be your friend my dear
You can trust me and let down your gear
He said, sing to me all your past lullabies
I’ll be there with you in the dark until the sunrise
Words made of rubbish were spit out of Mr Dorian Gray
Ripped out the mask of innocence, he wore since the first day
Filth was spread upon the audience
All got dirty even the guardians
The spotless victim cried NO!!!
But all played with dirt and acted in this mad show
What happened to listening to both sides?
Can’t you see the boy claims, then hides?
Guess we live in a population that hangs their beliefs on words than proof
That point’s their fingers at the innocent and disapprove
The crocked has been revealed
And their ugliness isn’t concealed
Convicted villain that deceived the population
All the filth he shit out of his mouth caused a contamination
The filth remains in the hands of the accusers
Can’t go back and silent the rumors
Apologies won’t bring back the pride that was broken
It’s sad that it’s now that they have awoken
The liar will burn for his crimes
If only they noticed when he chocked in his lines
But the guardians are now stranger’s
The friendship that was signed is buried in the chambers
What about the girl that was looked down on?
They were flesh eating monsters that were attacking a swan
The devil runs free until this day
His audience abounded him and his show fell to decay
The light won’t shine upon him and shadows won’t walk along with him
Remorse will be attached to him like a limb
Or at least it’s what I hope it will be
For him to be stuck in a cave where he can’t flee
Hello, hello, thought you were a friend, but your mask has fallen my dear
You are but a lonely liar that’ll soon disappear

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