Without A Home

I share no heart along mine
Nor do I embrace the warmth of the sun
I repeat the same words over again, I’m fine
But something within clenches and twists till it has won
I have entered the fray and lost
And yet again I was taught how to bleed
I laid there until I was found by rust
For agony was hungry and needed to feed
I await my welcome from my lost home
But it appears all the doors are locked
Thus I gathered the broken pieces and roamed
For I have collapsed at their doors as I knocked
But I was mistaken, for they were never the one
Disappointment devours me and to blackness I fell
All their words were nothing but for fun
They failed to remember me when there wasn’t anyone to call
I washed myself in this filthy puddle
For I fear that I’ll soon will wither
Why did they hide? Am I this much of a burden? Of a trouble?
I have no home nor clean water so I sink into the running river

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