The Man That Died

In this delightful land you treated me like a queen
Told me I was the most fairest your eyes have ever seen
Played to me the future in a wide screen
But destruction devoured all that held beauty and nothing was

As wariness spreads in my veins
And anxiety falls to my skin like rain
And chaos is running after me like a speeding train
I try to hold it all in but my lap is filled with the stain

Thoughts of you consume my mind
But there is no gentle memory that I can find
My hands start to shake as I signed
I was still trying to be that girl that was blind

But enough is enough my wicked devil
You’re wickedness has reached another level
I thought we created something beautiful, something special
But it’s the monsters on your shoulders that won the medal

“He must still be there” my heart cries
But when I look at him he isn’t the man that broke the ties
That stood by me when our problems were above our size
I guess he was just another box of lies

My dear I don’t believe that I’m a victim
I did embrace our love, our own magnificent rhythm
But you become a foul king that poisoned his kingdom
But that just taught me compassion and wisdom

I deserve to be loved by a man who puts his anger aside
I deserve to be loved by a man who locks away his pride
I deserve to be loved by a man who always makes me feel like a bride
But that man is no longer you, so I grieve for that man who died

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