Photo taken by ©2008-2017 vampire-zombie

Our demons leave us with anchors tied around our necks
Sew our lips with fishing hooks so we’d cry in silence
In the deepest pit of the ocean where there is only darkness




Photo taken by ©2017 FlexDreams

To look in the mirror and smile?
Is too much to ask…
For I would peel my skin and yet I would still see the sinister inc imprinted in my roots

It All Started With “Hello”


Photo taken by ©2011-2017 Khomenko

The sky blows warmth and twirls with a mixture of red and yellow
The envious sea rises from blue to sunset and reflects a sweet mellow
The land Inhales the love you gave and exhales it to all hearts like a playing cello
A warmth that grows, a reflection of love, an endless song all started with “Hello”



Teachers of Insanity


Photo taken by ©2016-2017 MariannaInsomnia

The definition of delusion
Is what we were taught to know
But to understand? No we did not
Of sadness and tears we often share
Of madness and chaos we often did not wear
But to be a teacher, was not always wise
For if insanity did not toy with their minds
Then the teacher will be the definition of delusion

Sensational Love


Photo taken by ©2011-2017 Khomenko

Like children we call each other names
Play with matches and dance with the flames

If luck was a leaf then I own a garden for having you in my life
You’ll think it’s cheesy and laugh but my dear I never felt more alive

When the tide exhales and I’m about to let go
There you are pushing me up even if you’ll fall below

I thought I knew love, wasnt I part of its making?
But this sensational depth we fell in is breathtaking

The Anatomy of your Mind


Photo taken by ©2013-2017 iNeedChemicalX

How do you speak a language created by your own mind and expect them to understand?
Some give up… Some pretend…
And some want to learn


Apologies to Myself


Photo taken by ©2012-2017 MariannaInsomnia

Perhaps I should apologize
It was easier to let you drown and sink than to save you
Easier to despise you than to learn to love you
Easier to blame you than to fix you…
I was an anxious coward, afraid to bloom into a flower
Hopes and dreams devoured, I was eager for that last hour
I never kissed you to sleep or sang you lullabies
I only fed you nightmares and left you traumatized
Tore the confidence you wore, so you stood vulnerable and defenseless
Rather than holding you as you rest, I brought you to madness
Perhaps I should apologize…
But can you look at me without turning away?
Will you love me despite being the devil in your play?
Can you forgive me for burning your colors and leaving you with ash and shadows?
Perhaps I should apologize…..
But can you trust me when I tell you I’ll learn to love you?
I’ll fix the bones I broke, bring back the flesh I tore, and I’ll stitch the skin I left open for pain to reach
I’ll accept you with all your flaws and stars
And when you are in need of saving I’ll be there, armor and sword ready for the battle
I will learn to love you once again

The Endless Match


Photo taken by Marta Bevacqua

My mind is a wrestling match between facts and lies
Be careful with your words, a part of me enjoys watching facts bleed out and die

The Beauty that Can’t be Found


Photo taken by ©2016-2017 Khomenko

It’s no justice for you to be compared to the sun
For in darkness I’d survive but without you?
I fear I’d be digested by what lies within the dark…..A cruel cruel void

Swaying with Spring


Photo taken by ©2017 Khomenko

Spring my dear, never stop dancing
Clasp our hearts and let your colors flow freely
Allow your breeze to play with strands of our hair
And your petals to float around us in the air
Some wait eternity for you to share your colors
And so I’ll fail to prepare myself for the goodbye
But it is a blissful life for I have danced with spring
Even if it’s gone, with closed eyes, a smile, I’ll keep moving

To Love Without Being a Burden?



Photo taken by ©2015-2017 JeisonRodriguez

To be a burden on one’s heart is a frightening thought
A smothering lover, or a slaughtering cancer
Which one am I to you? Or am I both?
Should I tie my heart and slice my tongue?
Would it make it easier for you not to run?
Yet at times I untie this pounding heart
And stitch back this screeching tongue
For the purpose of knowing what it takes for you to admit
I am a burden…


Reminders For The Soul


Photo taken by ©2015-2017 M0THart

Sometimes I need to sink

Fill my lungs with salt and water

Feel the rough touch of pain

Just enough for me to live again


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